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August 2, 2007 by Isybel Harto


If I were the world leader, information and communications technology program would I establish to improve the live of people in my country and the world.

My country is archipelago, rich of nature and sea resources, and has big habitant. Today’s development of Indonesian telecommunication had followed the international regulation and standardizations. In 2000th until now, the society of Indonesian use cellular communication. Supported by operators like : Telkomsel, Indosat, Satelindo, Excelomindo, Mobile-8, Bakrie Telecom had made them competitive in their serves to costumer.

The cellular technology need to especially watch in this day. Now the handset like hand phone had in smart and multifunction. In cellular communication, we will take more advantage rather that other communication like their mobility, easy to use, fast to develops, and low prize. In this essay, I will give my opinion about cellular technology.

Now the Internet communication had growth like chatting, message, messager, web, video streaming, TV broadcast, radio broadcast, music on demand, live video act, but the problem is we must need the Internet Network. To built internet network is expensive and complicities. Otherwise, the cellular communication can integrated with all communication that I say above. Now I will give my idea for cellular communication and their supported application.

For data exchange, the handphone have the IRDA and Bluetooth transfer even now the wifi can integrated to the handphone. With this exchange, we can easily to share our data like: music, picture, application, ring tone act. In here, I would like to recommendation in order to develop memory card more simply and big space for save the data.

For local communication, push to talk technology must be developing for long distance until 2-4 kms. This technology will give us easy, free, fast, and cheap communication.

For home, handphone had technologies for video streaming on home, alarm control, home security, sms (short message services) report, and remote control with radio digital modulation. This communication will be fast and smart to send data so quickly.

For international and long straight distance communication, the cellular technology need to built voip (voice over internet protocol) communication. Because in VoIP, we will take low cost for pulse fee.

In this year, web information is important. For cellular phone, WAP technologies had answered this, but because transfer rate of GPRS is weak, then WCDMA technologies begin. With this, face-to-face communication will be realized and data transfer will be faster.

For definite the location of place, verchile, person, tourism place, and things we need to develop the GPS technology that Integrated with GSM. With this everything can watch in our hand.

The synchronizations with TV, radio, and Personal Computer will be innovate too. Now we can hear radio, watching television, install software in PC easily, cheap, and fast.

In my conclusions, the cellular technology will bring us to develop other innovation and multifunction. The next dreamed, that Hologram communication (streaming real face on 3 dimension) will become real.


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